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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Staffing structure 2023-24




Additional staffing

Additional staffing



Mrs Stafford (Mon/Weds) 

Music and drama lead 

EYFS lead responsibilities 

Mrs White – (Wed-Fri) 

Science Lead 

ECT Mentor  

Class TA- Miss Jeyes 5 x am 

EYFS apprentice Mrs Findlay x 4 am 


Class TA- Miss Jeyes 4 x pm 

EYFS apprentice Mrs Findlay 5 x pm 





Mrs Bonham


Class TA- Mrs Mape 5 x am

Miss Love x 4 am 



Class TA- Mrs Mape 5 x pm 

Miss Love x 4 am 



Year 1 



Miss Dexter

Mrs Ledger x 5 am 

SEND support- Mrs Isamene x 5 am

Mrs Ledger x 5 pm 

SEND support- Mrs Isamene x 5 pm

Year 2 




Miss Lineham     

History and Geography lead 

Phonics lead 


Class TA- Mrs Spooner 5 x am 

SEND support - Miss Fatoki 5 x am 

Mrs Balderson x 3 (Tues-Thurs) 

Class TA- Mrs Spooner 5 x pm 

SEND support - Miss Fatoki 5 x pm 

Mrs Balderson x 3 (Tues-Thurs) 

Year 3 


Miss Ogunbor 


Class TA- Mrs Partridge 5 x am

Class TA- Mrs Partridge 5 x pm

Year 4 


Mrs Edwards (4 days) 

(Reading and Writing Lead) 

Mr Leakey (1 day) 

(Computing Lead) 




Miss Draper 1:2 support x 5 am 



Miss Draper 1:2 support x 5 pm 


Year 5 




Mrs Burney Childs  

PE and sports premium lead. 

MFL Lead 


Mrs Gibson (Monday-Weds) x 3 am 

Miss Dilibero (5 x am) - SEND support 


Mrs Gibson (Monday-Weds) x 3 pm

Miss Dilibero (3 x pm (Weds/Thurs/Fri) - SEND support 


Year 6  




Mrs Dickens  

DT and Art lead 

Mathematics lead 

ECT Mentor 

Mrs Shehi x 5 am 


Mrs Shehi x 5 pm 



23/24 Non-teaching /class based staff 

Mrs Dunckley (Principal)  


Miss Johnson (Inclusion Lead/SENCO) (3 days a week - Mon - Weds - Fri) 


Designated safeguarding lead, Support staff line manager including PDRs 

Intervention design for each phase. 

Additional staffing 

Mrs Reay- HLTA  


Mr Leakey -HLTA 

PPA and leadership cover 



Miss Cox (Finance & HR, H and S contact) Break and lunchtime rotas/ Lunch time supervisors PDRs and CPD 

 Office staff 8.30 – 4.30 M-F


Mrs Roberts (Admin Attendance, Admissions)  

Full time (M/T/W/Th 8-4.00, Fri 8-3.30)– Office staff 

Mr Church (Amey)  

Full time site Supervisor

Mrs Downes  (Amey) 

Full Time site work 

Lunchtime staff 

Mrs West 


Miss Whitney


Mrs Downes