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Green Oaks Primary Academy


 “The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions” 

Claude Levi-Strauss 


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Science Lead: Mrs A White
Subject Intent:   

At Green Oaks Primary Academy we understand that science offers children the opportunity to work practically and explore the world around them. We encourage children to ask questions and be curious about things that interest them, not only in their immediate environment but in the wider world. Our science curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils revisit topics and build upon the scientific knowledge they have already acquired in previous study and use scientific skills throughout their time at school that can be transferred to other situations.  

Subject Implementation:  

Every pupil is entitled to access a high quality, broad and balanced science curriculum that is firmly based on the principles of the National Curriculum. Our long term map ensures that each topic is covered by each year group across the academic year, enabling children to build upon their scientific knowledge and skills in subsequent year groups. Many of the topics in the National Curriculum are revisited in successive year groups and we know that it is essential for these to be taught in sequence.   

As a core subject, science is taught weekly for every pupil in years 1 to 6. Our science teaching aims to give children not only key scientific knowledge but transferable skills through the working scientifically strands. These strands build upon each other across the key stages and year groups and can be transferable to many other subjects. During their time at Green Oaks Primary Academy children will be developing their skills of observation, using a range of equipment to record data, identifying variables and designing enquiries to answer questions among a whole host of other scientific skills.   

Scientific thinking is key and enquiry types are regularly used and referred to in lessons from year 1, right up to year 6. It is important to us that children are thinking scientifically and to aid them in this we ensure that subject specific scientific vocabulary is used in all lessons and children are encouraged to talk about their findings and include them in written forms. Knowledge organisers are used by all year groups to aid cognitive overload and supports the use of scientific vocabulary. Alongside this, each class has a science display that is used as a working wall throughout a science topic. Scientific vocabulary is displayed and referred to and diagrams, children’s work and information is added to the display throughout the topic to aid the children’s learning.   

Wherever possible we encourage visitors into our school and the organisation of out of school trips out to enhance and enrich children’s experiences of science. We ensure that links are made to STEM careers for all pupils and that the diversity of scientists from around the world and over time is promoted and celebrated in the scientists we study and in the environment around us.  

Subject Impact:  

By the time pupils leave Green Oaks, they will:       

  • have engaged in using a range of scientific skills that can be transferred to other subjects  

  • have knowledge about a range of scientific subjects 

  • have a curiosity about the world around them 

  • have learnt about a diverse range of scientists and their careers.