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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Personal Development

We believe that above all else, our curriculum focuses on the broader development of each individual child, extending beyond the academic and enabling them to develop and discover their talents as an individual person.

By delving into our curriculum areas, you will see that personal development is at the heart of what we do. This page is useful summary that covers the breadth of what is on offer at Green Oaks Primary Academy.
  • Skills Builder Programme
    8 skills (Team work, leadership, problem solving, creativity, speaking, listening, aiming high and staying positive) that thread themselves through our curriculum and underpins our behaviour systems.
  • School Values
    To be creative and curious
    To be reflective and a critical thinker
    To be responsible and respectful
    To be independent and collaborative
    To be ambitious and aspirational
    To be enthusiastic and engaged
  • Friday Celebration Assemblies
    Each Friday afternoon, we celebrate children from each class. There is a Star of the Week, Maths Master, Remarkable Reader and Star Writer, with parents invited to celebrate with us. We also celebrate each class who has collectively attended over 96%, and finish with the announcement of the winning house with the House Point Cup.
  • The Daily Mile
    We are in the infancy of introducing the Daily Mile to activate our minds prior to learning and enhancing our physical and mental health.
  • Changemakers
    Two members of each class for whom the class has voted for to make decisions to improve our school.
  • Cultural Enrichment
    We have mapped out our offer of trips and experiences across the Academy to cover a wide range of curriculum areas. Please see separate section on the website.
  • Residential Trips
    We have reintegrated residentials to our curriculum offer recently to encourage independence and self-reliance in our pupils.
  • Careers Mark
    We have at least one Careers Week each year to celebrate how an education at Green Oaks can lead pupils to the job they want to achieve in the future.
  • Our PSHE offer
    We use the Jigsaw scheme of work, but adapt this to ensure that within our PSHE lessons, we cover a range of concepts such as British Values, diversity and the Rights of the Child.
  • Zones of Regulation
    We use the Zones of Regulation toolkit to equip children with strategies to manage the complex range of emotions. This is employed during PSHE lessons, during register check-ins and within our behaviour policy following a red card.
  • SEND and inclusivity
    Classes openly discuss issues of inclusivity within PSHE lessons and when they arise. Children are taught about ways in which to ensure people with differing needs are included within society, not just in our academy.
  • Sports Clubs
    Many children have the opportunity to attend before and after-school clubs run by Freestyle Sports.
  • Sports Competitions
    We are scheduled to attend 12 local sporting competitions this academic year. These competitions range in their target audience, therefore providing greater opportunities for those who wouldn’t normally attend sporting competitions to attend.
  • Assemblies
    We tackle many important issues within our assemblies. Assemblies are mapped out across the year to discuss our school values, the Skills Builder programme, our PSHE curriculum and issues that arise in our academy and in the world.
  • The Big Question
    Phase Three (Years 4, 5 and 6) are going to be developing their Thursday assemblies by tackling ‘The Big Question’. This will allow children to debate a topic provided by the lead teacher.