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Green Oaks Primary Academy


PSHE Lead: Mrs Dickens

What does PSHE look like in our ACORN curriculum – INTENT & IMPLEMENTATION 

A: Our PSHE curriculum is underpinned by our school and British Values where we focus on us as supporting children as young individuals and support them to find their place in society. We teach local and global environmental awareness and develop positive pupil attitudes to a series of PSHE subjects allowing them to become rounded and knowledgeable young people with tolerant and respected attitudes to themselves and others.   

C: We develop our pupils sense of identity by teaching them about challenges they may encounter at different stages of their growth and giving them the tools to cope with these.  We also teach about differences in our school community and beyond and learn how to discuss topics and respect each other. 

O: Are pupils are encouraged to participate in discussion around a number of topics relating to their personal, social and health areas of life. Children are taught how to engage in these lessons with confidence and respect. 

R: Our curriculum helps pupils understand how relationships change over time, including our economy, class, politics, and race and how these changes reflect upon a modern society in the world as we know it now. 

N: We recognise how our personal, social and health education has changed over time and ensure pupils continually build up a secure bank of skills and knowledge to allow them to navigate the world successfully.   



When our pupils leave us, they will have developed their wider subject knowledge and understanding about themselves and the world around them. They will have learnt a bank of personal skills which will help them throughout their life. They will be confident young pupils who have developed their own personal views and who are willing to try new things, face challenges and persevere with their goals. Our pupils will be tolerant and respectful of the views and beliefs of others, showing compassion to others. 


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