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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Our Library

We have worked incredibly hard to develop our library so that the children have an inviting, relaxing and engaging area to develop their passion and love of reading. The children can come and enjoy this space during class library slots or choose to come and read, share a book or listen to an audio story during break and lunch times.




Our librarians have the responsibility for;

  • looking after the library and ensuring that the books are looked after and kept tidy
  • encouraging younger readers to come and read to them
  • engage reluctant readers with the use of the library iPads
  • supporting Mrs Edwards increase the visibility of reading across the school
  • be the pupils’ voice on how to develop reading further in our school

For taking on this responsibility, the children will be rewarded with Green Oaks pounds that they can save up and spend in the Green Oaks shop.

These children really do embody our school values as our school librarians.

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Not only do we encourage the children to read in our library, but each classroom also has a cosy reading corner to provide different environments to read in at age appropriate levels. You may find children exploring reading under the sea, or with reading monsters, or even snuggled up on a sofa.