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Green Oaks Primary Academy

Our Curriculum


The aims of our primary curriculum is best understood through the academies Mission statement: 

At Green Oaks Primary Academy, the curriculum is designed to ensure that the staff, children and parents/carers work together to provide a safe, nurturing, happy and friendly community. The curriculum supports inclusion and encourages all children to achieve their full potential by investing in every child. The curriculum promotes and builds on essential values and attributes to secure firm foundations for successful futures. 

At Green Oaks Primary Academy, the pupils encounter a well-rounded and well thought out primary experience. 

The curriculum is firmly based on the national curriculum using milestones to establish high expectations and outcomes. It is a spaced curriculum interleaved with skills. 

Our curriculum drivers are… 

  • Culture- linking to a growth mind-set culture, breaking pupils out of historical expectations, focus on HA, and aspirational standards 
  • Diversity- celebrating the diversity of the community, strong PSHE/SMSC curriculums 
  • Environment-which supports the pupils to learn independently, provide high expectations for vocabulary (tier 3 words) and the development of cultural capital (knowledge of the world) through high quality displays which the pupils interact with and make the most of planned incidental learning.