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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Mathematics is an integral part of every school curriculum. It is a foundation of many disciplines and a source of interest and enjoyment in itself. It also unlocks the door to further study and employment in a vast range of fields Amanda Spielman Ofsted Review of Mathematics.


Mathematics Lead: Mrs A Dickens
Subject Intent:

To provide our pupils with a high-quality Maths education that engages and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills essential to deal with real-life problems and increasing their employability in a variety of careers.  We aim to develop critical thinking young people who can calculate both mentally and using written methods; and pupils who can reason and problem solve using well-articulated mathematical language.

Subject Implementation:

Maths is taught in every year group by the Class Teacher. Our curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum using the small steps guides of the Planpanion maths scheme.  Teachers use their expertise and knowledge to create lessons that are motivating and engaging using a range of resources.  They facilitate the exploration of mathematical concepts to provide memory-enhancing opportunities that recalls and applies taught content. It is continuously developed and adapted to suit the needs of our pupils, so all pupils, including our SEND and those in vulnerable groups, from EYFS to Year 6 experience a purposeful maths education.  Our progression is mapped out in such a way that we revisit concepts more frequently and our maths learning is spiral rather than blocked in approach, building the cognitive load and ensuring knowledge and skills are transferred from short term to long term memory.

Our plans are underpinned by three stages

1. Declarative knowledge where pupils can articulate “I know that…” statements these include number fact recall;

2. Procedural Knowledge – where pupils can articulate “I know how…” statements which support mental and arithmetic strategies including measure and finally

3. Conditional knowledge – enabling pupils to reason and problem solve with “I know how…” explanations.

With the support of the Subject Leader, all teachers ensure pupils have planned opportunities to secure prior knowledge before moving on thus ensuring progression through the school.  The Subject Leader works alongside teaching staff to develop skills confidence including adapting learning provision to outdoor environment with practical tasks to consolidate learning in real-life contexts.

For our youngest learners in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 we deliver the Mastering Number programme which is supported by NCETM to build their understanding of confidence with early number, preparing them for more challenging mathematics in reasoning and problem solving.

Subject Impact:

By the time pupils leave Green Oaks, they will:

  • have developed a wider subject knowledge
  • be number confident
  • be critical thinking, problem solvers
  • hold a bank of fundamental mathematical skills
  • be able to calculate mentally and with formal written methods
  • understand the place and importance of mathematics in the wider world


“I was proud in Maths because we had to work together as a team, and I think I did that really well.” Owen

“We use maths all the time like in history, timelines, it is important because it is used in everyday life and it challenges your brain and engages you and you get quick and snappy.” Myron