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Green Oaks Primary Academy

English - Reading

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”  Barack Obama

Reading Lead: Mrs Edwards

Subject Intent:

Through Class Teachers choice of high-quality texts, which link to curriculum topics and celebrate diversity, we intend to develop a culture of reading for pleasure which can be seen throughout the school’s language rich environment. We also aim to provide children with the understanding that reading provides opportunities to discover new knowledge, revisit prior knowledge and understand more about what they learn.

Subject Implementation:

Plans have been developed by the Class Teacher, alongside the support of the Subject Leader, to ensure pupils know how to apply what they have learnt during modelled comprehension lessons to their independent work and have a clear view of how to articulate and demonstrate their understanding. Pupils will have the critical language to express themselves and use appropriate book-based language and develop a passion for reading, which has been modelled and developed through our whole class ‘Just Read’ approach to reading.

Subject Impact:

By the time pupils leave Green Oaks, they will:  

  • enjoy reading for pleasure.
  • be able to confidently read, understand and discuss texts that they have read.
  • have experienced a broad range of texts and authors.


Children’s quotes:

When I read something, I feel like it is a bit like a movie. I think it’s better to read the book because you get to imagine what things are like.” Year 5 pupil

“Reading is important because it helps us learn new words and loads of other things about the whole world. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be able to explore different places.” Year 3 pupil

“I like it when my teacher reads, she does loads of different voices.” Year 1 pupil


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