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Green Oaks Primary Academy

English - Writing

English Lead: Mrs Edwards

What does Writing look like in our ACORN curriculum – INTENT & IMPLEMENTATION 

A: Children access high quality teaching and rich texts from passionate teachers that inspire them to become ambitious authors.  They are informed about the discipline of writing and the processes it takes to become successful whilst having their creativity and flair nurtured.  

C: Writing opportunities for self-expression, creativity and knowledge sharing are woven through the curriculum, giving children space to learn who they are as a writer strengthening their identity. Specific units and texts have been added to the curriculum to introduce balance, reflecting the cultural diversity, heritage and differences of our school. 

O: Writing activities include verbal rehearsals and the opportunity to develop their bank of vocabulary building their oracy. The implementation of discussion and rehearsal will feed into their written word providing our pupils with the key communication skills they will need in the future. The teaching part of all lessons introduce key vocabulary (sticky words) which children are encouraged to use during discussions and weave into any written outcomes. 

R:  Children are given the opportunity to make links and understand the relationships of how the written word has shaped our history and contributes to our culture.

N: Pupils are encouraged to share their written work by performing, publishing or peer assessing and they are encouraged to do this with empathy and kindness.  Throughout lessons there are opportunities to work collaboratively to develop ideas and for them to celebrate each other’s achievements. 


By the time pupils leave Green Oaks, they will be able to communicate their knowledge, ideas, and emotions effectively through their writing.  Children will have a good understanding of how to effectively apply grammar, spelling and punctuation to their writing and have a clear understanding of how to build, plan and complete a range of text types.  Overall, our children will be confident, creative writers who are proud to share all of the writing they create.