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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Home Learning

The way we learn beyond the classroom is changing this year, especially since your positive response to our online platforms during the lockdown period.  Advancing our online learning in this way will be extremely beneficial for our pupils in the modern world and will help us be prepared for any future school closures.

Our EYFS pupils will continue to use Tapestry for their home learning and both Miss Quadrino and Miss Gorton will be available to assist parents with this platform.

For all our pupils in years 1 to 6, the details below explain how we will be using a range of applications and platforms to get the best from our learning.


Home learning will be set by your child’s Class Teacher each Friday with a completion due date of the following Thursday. The first home learning will be set on Friday 18th September with a due date of Thursday 25th September. There will be a page in the Class Notebook explaining what is expected of them for that week. Activities could include work within the Notebook or on Purple Mash. 


In addition to these two platforms activities will continue to be set on Mathletics and children will still be able to participate with other maths tasks on this platform to earn points and certificates.  We will be continuing to celebrate our ‘Top Mathelete’ or ‘Most Improved Participation’ during our celebration assemblies.


Excitingly, reading has also moved online.  Whilst we love books and libraries, at the moment we are unable to open the library safely and share resources across many classes.  We have invested in an online platform called Reading Eggs (please see attached letter with further information about this new platform).  It is tailored to your child’s reading ability and gives them access to an online library of books and comprehension activities as well as spelling games. 

Pupils will have accessed their own account and have had an opportunity to explore the platform with their class teacher.  It remains our expectation that children continue to be heard read by a grown up, five times per week. If alternative reading is completed with your child outside of Reading Eggs, please write a comment on their OneNote reading log page. Remember that reading could include: instructions, recipes, fiction or non-fiction books etc.

Class Reading Eggs champions and Pobble Writing champions will be celebrated alternate fortnights to continue to share the fantastic work that you children do in class, and at home.  If you have not already given permission for your child to be part of Pobble, please see your child’s class teacher for a letter.


Pupils will no longer bring home a spelling book with a list of words to practice.  As part of their Class Notebook homework, they will be given a spelling rule or a focus sound for the week.  Once a week the class teacher will give a test based upon the spelling rule or sound. This, along with example words will be sent home via Notebook every Friday. However, the children will be tested on different words which apply the sound/rule as this is to help pupils embed the spelling rules and sounds and be able to apply them to their writing fluently and independently.


As part of your child’s learning, they will have access to Microsoft Teams.  This is a great place for them, and you, to direct questions about their learning and where staff and peers can share achievements and give support.  It is a fabulous platform, but it is a learning environment and must be respected as if it is a classroom.  Children will be having discussions with their classroom staff about how to use the online learning areas appropriately.


All pupil logins will be sent home with this letter, either printed out by your child’s teacher or written by the pupils themselves.  Please keep this in a safe place at home where they can access it to complete their tasks.


Crib sheets and guides for logging into Airhead etc can still be accessed by visiting the school website and further support could be requested by emailing your child’s Class Teacher or posting a question on the class’s Teams chat. 

We are thrilled to be moving forward with our home learning in this way and the skills and benefits it will give our pupils for the future in terms of technology and being prepared for the modern world.